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Personal Injury case study

Date Posted: 25.02.2015

 Personal Injury Case Study


A client of John L. Mulvey & Co., Solicitors was injured in a Road Traffic Accident during Autumn 2012. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her lower back. She was examined by her Doctor and prescribed pain relief and anti-inflammatory medication. She started to receive physiotherapy the following month and reported continued pain in her back and difficulty sleeping. Her symptoms continued and over the course of the following year she found the ongoing symptoms to be causing her anxiety and unfortunately she was demonstrating symptoms of depression.


During this time John L. Mulvey prepared her case and lodged an application with the Injuries Board. We paid the cost of obtaining the medical reports and application fees. The Injuries Board attended to the application and through our offices arranged to have our client medically examined by various doctors and eventually assessed her damages for pain and suffering in December 2013 in the sum of €20,000. On the advice of John L. Mulvey & Co., and Counsel our client rejected this award and John L. Mulvey & Co., served Court proceedings.


The case was prepared for trial and after the usual exchange of documents and gathering of further medical evidence a trial date was set in Summer 2014. A settlement meeting was held at which a settlement of €40,000 was negotiated and accepted.


We at John L. Mulvey & Co., deal with cases such as this every day of the week. If you are involved in an accident through no fault of your own, sustaining injury, you should consult a solicitor before considering any settlement offers from an insurance company or the Injuries Board.


For advice on all cases of road traffic accidents, accidents at work, accidents in public places and all other areas of legal work contact our offices at 01-4515055 or by email at

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