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Why You need a solicitor to handle your injury claim

Date Posted: 07.04.2015

You have heard the radio ads, you have seen the TV programmes and if you Google “injury” you will be directed to the Injuries Board site where you will be told you don’t need a Solicitor to prepare your claim. We simply don’t agree.

Many people do not realise what they are getting into if they attempt to handle their own claim through the Injuries Board. 

For example; 

  • Would you feel confident that you know how the Statute of Limitations affects your claim?
  • Are you certain that you have the exact identity of the proposed defendant?
  • Have you had the accident site properly examined and all relevant evidence and witness accounts preserved?
  • Are you confident that you can assess whether your Doctor’s report adequately describes your injury and the symptoms you are suffering?
  • Can you determine if one Medical Report is enough or whether more reports are necessary?
  • Are you aware of your entitlement to out of pocket expenses such as medical expenses and loss of earnings, both to date and in to the future?
  • And when the Injuries Board assesses the amount of compensation would you be able to decide whether this is fair compensation in comparison to what a Judge might award you?

As approximately 90% of injured people engage a solicitor to handle their case it appears that the vast majority of people are not confident enough to answer yes to these questions.

We at John L. Mulvey & Company Solicitors have in excess of 40 years experience of handling personal injury cases and in appropriate cases will fund the costs until resolution.


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